Best dumplings in Phnom Penh

Despite Chinese people being everywhere in Cambodia there’s not all that many Chinese restaurants. I’m actually fine with that, as after 14 years in Chiba I’ve done my fair share of dumplings.

Alas Nic Song-Dok my long suffering colleague wanted dumplings, so after oysters at Phnom Penh Yacht Club we headed to Mama Wong’s on the same street.

Mama Wongs Phnom Penh

To describe the menu here. Mama Wongs offers a ton of Chinese dishes aside from dumplings, all very new, niche and dare I say hipster. This is Chinese fusion cuisine at its best. But we had come for the dumplings!

They dumplings are $4.50 for 8, and we went for prawn and chive as well as duck with sweet potato. These are not Chinese style dumplings and your hardest choice is genuinely what to order.

Duck and sweet potato dumplings at Mama Wongs

On balance we were very happy with dumplings we ordered at Mona Wangs. The duck with sweet potato cooked potsticker style went famously when drowned in soy sauce and the string and chive was made by the chives.

The cocktail list was superb although we were happy with the cheap draft beer at $1.50. overall Mama Wongs is extremely well priced and we struggled to drop 20 bucks as we watched the world go by.

If you’re looking for genuinely good artisan fusion dumplings in Phnom Penh Street Food Guy recommends Mama Wongs!

The evening was ended at the not so imaginatively titled Middle Eastern Food. We were served by a 14 year old refugee from Syria who was cool as hell. We let him pick our dishes, which would you believe it involved a kebab! A fine night of restauranting…

Update – October 2020

Took another trip back to Mama Wong’s and went for sweet potato, and beef. They’re still servicing a storm at the place. Big shout out to the cocktails at Mama Womgs too! Very nice Long Island Iced Tea.

Best dumplings in Phnom Penh

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