Best value hotel in Kampot – Vibola Guesthouse

Kampot is a sleepy southern Cambodian city. Formerly a Khmer Rouge bastion the city is now a tourist mecca. At least it was until Covid kicked in. Nowadays it is struggling, sadly this has not meant hotels lowering their prices. Finding a good hotel deal in Kampot can be hard, but there are at least a few options. Here’s our suggestion for the best value hotel in Kampot.

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What to see and do in Kampot

We won’t go too much into guide mode, as stated we have already written one. Taking the train to Kampot is cool, so is visiting Bokor Hill Station.

You can read about Bokor Hill Station here.

Hotels in Kampot

Being a stoner town there are a lot of cheap hostels here. The hostels are the worst deals in Kampot. Some are charging $20+ for a simple room. These places do not have pools either. Not kool.

They do though serve a purpose if you need an angry expat owner to complain to. If you’d rather a nice place with a pool, we can help.

Best Value Hotel in Kampot

At $17 a night Vibola Guesthouse has a lot going on. Firstly it is very centrally located. You can walk to the bars in 10 minutes and even to the football stadium in 15. Yep Kampot FC is a thing. You are also close enough to the waterfront of Kampot.

Best pool in Kampot?

Probably not, but can you fault a place that is so cheap and has a pool. The pool at Vibola is well maintained, clean and right in the middle of the hotel, as in next to the rooms.

Vibola Guesthouse

For bang for your book less than 20 for a hotel with a pool takes some beating.

The rooms at Vibola Guesthouse

Clean and simple, but with Cable TV. Why would you need Cable? I personally like to watch it. Also why spend more on a room that offers less? Mist of the hostels offer grotty rooms without TV, or a pool for more than 20 a night. Again not cool Kampot!

Therefore of you’re going to Kampot, the best value hotel in Kampot is Vibola Guesthouse.

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