Which countries have the best Street Food? – The 10 best street food countries

Which countries have the best street food? Amazingly I have not written this one yet, and more amazingly still there is no real official list, like there is for say who drinks the most booze in the world, which you can read all about here.

There is though an official list for best cities in the world for Street Food – which I shall show below. This is done by CEOWorld Magazine and is very much NOT my list! And I have provided notes as to why I feel this!

1. Singapore – Fair choice, not my personal choice, but definitely up there.

2. Bangkok, Thailand – Both country and city would make my top ten

3. Hong Kong – My second favorite place

4, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – I would rank here first for both country and city.

5. Mumbai, India – A definite for most peoples top tens, country and city.

6. Rome, Italy – Another good choice and one I have written about.

7. Tel Aviv, Israel – What? So expensive It does not justify a place on any list.

8. Sydney, Australia – Again I am shocked

9. Mexico City, Mexico – A definite top ten for country and city for most people!

10. Portland, US – WTF?

Ok so they are my thoughts on that “list”, it is shit. So which countries have the best street food as per The Street Food Guy, the self-proclaimed expert?

Which countries have the best Street Food as per the Street Food Guy?

I will only put in countries I have been to, which is every country on THAT list. I have also been to 156 countries, so feel I get a pass here on being able to talk about most of the world. I will go from bottom to top.

10) Street Food Macao

I feel a bit bad including Macao and Hong Kong (spoiler alert) and in fact I would have put it higher on the list, but felt others in the end more worthy. They do a Chines style fish ball filled with Mozzarella. This says it all.

Macao street foods

To read about Street Food Macao click here

9) Street Food Cambodia 

My current abode! This would win on most underrated street food in the world too, Many influences, such as Vietnamese, which you know I love!

Cambodian Fried noodles
Cambodian Fried noodles/Lort cha

To read about street food Phnom Penh click here

8) Street Food Eritrea and Ethiopia

I have only been to Eritrea, so this is the one cheat. The food though is very similar and Thespian street food is known the world over. Injera anyone?

Eritrean cusine =
Enjoying national day in Eritrea

To read about Eritrean Cuisine click here

7) Street Food Turkey and Northern Cyprus 

Home of the kebab, although I almost prefer an English one to a Turkish one. And then you have Northern Cyprus, great street food scene although lacking in Burger Sauce.

Sreet Food UK
UK Street Food

To read about Burger Sauce click here.

6) Street Food China

China has the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to street food, but they pretty much invented it. You cannot get better fried noodles than in China! I personally love Dandong street food, which  you can read about here.

Which countries have the best Street Food
Which countries have the best Street Food

5) Street Food Thailand  

Street Food Bangkok would make anyones list, and indeed the last list. Street food is great throughout Thailand and there is much more to it than the capital.

Which countries have the best Street Food
Which countries have the best Street Food

To read about Khao San Road click here.

4) Street Food Singapore

I have never written about Street Food Singapore but I will at some point. Some of the best Street Food there is, but what i LOVED was street durian. Truly a force of nature.

eat weird food like durian
Which countries have the best Street Food

To read about the difference between durian jackfruit click here.

3) Street Food Mexico

I had my main dalliance with Mexican street food in Chetumal. Much more than “Tex-Mex”. Taco bell is not Mexican Street Food.

Which countries have the best Street Food
Which countries have the best Street Food

To read about Taco Bell in Cambodia click here.

To read about Street Food in Chetumal click here.

2) Street Food Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is second only because Vietnamese is just so damned good and diverse. The cheapest way to eat in Hong Kong is street food and fish balls, sausages and curry sauce take some beating.

i Best Street Foods in Asia

To read bout street food in Wan Chai click here

1) Street Food Vietnam

Vietnamese street for is the best in the world for some many reasons, but there are two case in points. Think Chinese food with a heavy French influence. OK maybe that is simplistic, but then go try a hot-pot cooked in butter. Then you have banh mi the best Asian sandwich around. Second point is that while it is varied it is good throughout the country.

Which countries have the best Street Food
Which countries have the best Street Food – Dining in Hue

For example read about street food in Cao Bang here.

And some honourable mentions!

I have decided to a few to the list that would not really make a top ten, but still have some of the best street food for whatever reason.

Which countries have the best street food? Tuna in the Pacific!

No two countries in the region are the same and overall the street food scene is bad, BUT you can also get the best raw tuna in the world in places as crazy as Nauru, not to mention the Noddy Bird!

Which countries have the best street food
Fresh tuna at Honiara market, Solomon Islands

To read about Street food in Nauru click here.

Street food North Korea and Cuba!

Still very much a new thing as everything is, or at least was technically state owned. I have therefore added both as honourable mentions for which countries have the best street food. Give it a few years and either of these could be in the top ten!

north korean street food
north korean street food

To read about North Korean Street Food click here.

UK Street Food!

We have a scene! And we still make better after hours kebabs than anyone on the planet. At least in the humble opinion of the street food guy. To read how to correctly eat fish and chips click here.

Which countries have the best Street Food? Those were my list of ten, but I fully see this list not only being added to, but also changed! Watch this space…

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