Kinin Restaurant – Fine dining on Street 123

There are a lot of really cool eateries in Phnom Penh, some of which you find by accident, such as Kinin Restaurant. We had originally been planning to go for a small meeting at Nesat Seafood Restaurant, who for whatever reason decide to close on a Sunday.

Well the loss of Nesat was the gain of Kinin Restaurant, or at least the gain of our group.

Where is Kinin Restaurant

Kinin Restaurant is located on Street 123, within walking distance of Nesat, should you be stuck for food in a Sunday. This is actually a greta little area for food in general, with there being lots of stuff to choose from.

When you arrive you are greeted by a professional restaurant staff and a beautiful outdoor garden seating area that includes cushions and table on the floor, like Khmer style. Nice and hipster, but i’m old fashioned so went for the table and chairs.

The menu at Kinin Restaurant

The menu, as in the physical menu deserves its own entry! Its almost like a little story book in that it opens up to almost being as tall as me (not that much of an achievement). Really cool in style, but not actually all that practical.

The substance of the menu though very much to be applauded, with fine mix of French and Khmer cuisine that included Beef Bourguignon and a cartelized pork belly dish, as well as Khmer classics like Lok-Lak, mango and chicken salads, as well as some rather good rare duck.

There is also a pretty baller desert menu, with us going for the mango sticky rice, with mango ice-cream that was excellent.

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The food overall was extremely decent and not at all badly priced, couple this with the fine ambience and Kinin Restaurant is that perfect balance between casual and fine dining.

What are the drinks like at Kinin Restaurant?

Food will only get you so far these days and you will need to kick-it on the drinks list to hit the highlights. Cocktails here looked good enough and at $5 are not badly priced, draft beers are just $1.50 and a Gin and Tonic is $3.25. All very reasonable, but it was the shots that got us excited.

Jackfruit shots! I’m a fan of durian and jackfruit, and recently got to try a durian beer, not only was it good, but did not kill me.

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There’s not much in reality I would not drink for a dollar, not withstanding the rice wine that has been killing people en-masse lately in Cambodia.

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Jackfruit infused vodka though had an amazing kick, was relatively smooth and most importantly aided in the journey one takes to drunkenness.

Review of Kinin Restaurant Phnom Penh

A little bit hipster, bit overall fine food, great drinks and an ambience that was enough to chill out even the most stone-hearted of folks. Overall well worth a visit

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