Bouncing Around Prizren

My one and only time visiting Prizren had been 10 years ago, and I remembered a lovely old town by a river. On arrival at the Admiral Hotel slap bang in the middle of a concrete jungle, I wondered if it had all been a dream.

The next day we went to explore and said old town by the river did exist, it was just our hotel that was in a shit location.

Kosovans and Albanians might well be, and consider themselves to be the same people, but the two countries (language aside) are opposites in many ways.

Prizren old town is a truly beautiful affair, and sitting with a few beers at lunchtime here felt like we were a million miles from Albania. For the first time in months, we felt relaxed.

The other big difference which baffles the hell out of me is how Albanian food can be so good, and yet food in Kosovo is god damned awful. Well not awful, but your choices are burgers, pizzas, kebabs, or variations of any of the above. Burger restaurants are everywhere is Prizren and the whole of Kosovo.

Well, when in Rome, we ended up at Star Burger, and guess what we ate? The signature dish, of course, the Star Burger! And I have to say it was pretty damned awesome, but still fairly sure it won’t take long before I am bored of burgers.

Prizren did the job and entertained for a night and an afternoon, but I don’t feel any real reason to rush back or add it onto itineraries.

Next, we took the one hour taxi to our old trusted friend Pristina, to stay at the Velania Guesthouse.

Say whatever you want about Pristina, but at least they know how to make a good burger!

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