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Majuro to Nauru

Compared to United Airlines I really like Air Nauru, or Our Airline as they coin themselves. It’s amazing that two companies largely selling the same product can be so light years apart when it comes to the service level provided.

The Majuro to Nauru flight leaves at 3.30 pm, with 2 hours being more than enough time to get everything done check-in wise. On entree to the plane you are greeted by actual Nauruans, one of the few high paying industries left to the natives, aside from staffing one of the few embassies of Nauru around the world.

The main difference between the United Airlines Island hopper service and the Nauru Airlines one? Food, and service, and here it’s the small things. As soon as you enter they say hello, and you are given a glass of water. Ok it’s not reinventing the wheel, but again small touches.

Without wanting this to be an anti-America rant it truly is amazing that the people who invented the aviation industry manage to be so damned bad at it.

Flight time from Majuro to Nauru is about 80 minutes, with the caveat being that if everyone is onboard (it is not a busy flight) then they will leave up to 30 minutes early.

The meal (yes they serve food) is usually one of the best flight meals outside of first class there is. I went for beef and rice, with the beef being mouth watering, and accompanying bread, butter and chocolate cake making it mire than a sufficient meal. Add a few glasses of white wine, and I was a happy little Street Food Boy!

Air Nauru meal

As a side off on one note, amusingly as they fattest nation on earth the airline has special cat people chairs, see photo!

Fat people chair on Nauru airlines

Nauru International Airport is a bitch to transit, but pleasant enough to arrive at (providing you have your Nauru visa). And within 20 minutes of arrival we were out buying sim cards ready for New Year’s Eve in Nauru!

Written by Gareth

Street Food Majuro

One night in Majuro…