Dandong Street food 7 of the best

Dandong truly is one of my favourite cities, even if it does have a reputation for “danger”. There’s a ton of reasons I like it, the rural element, the views of Sinuiju (which also has Street Food), our apartment, and of course the food.

Not only is the Dandong street food epic, but the close cultural ties to Korea make it a culinary melting pot. You can eat something different and amazing every day in this coastal city, and that’s something we often do!

Here’s our top 7 Street Foods (and dishes) in Dandong.

Dandong BBQ

There’s not really bars in Dandong, that are any good any way, so when you go out to socialise it’s at BBQ, or Kao Rou as the Chinese call it. It’s all about meat on a stick, spicy bread, and fish being washed down with Harbin bear, or worse bai jiu

Seafood in Dandong

seafood dandong

Well it’s next to the sea after all. Shrimp, crab, and a whole host of fish, either eaten fine style, but also served at the BBQ joints of Dandong.

Dandong Cold Noodles

dandong street food - cold noodles

You’ve probably heard of Pyongyang Cold Noodles, well Dandong have their own version, slightly more similar to Xi’an cold noodles. Spicey as hell!!! Here’s your Chinese lesson for the day 丹东冷面

Dandong Bibimbap

dandong street food - bibimbap

A variation on the Korean dish, but quite popular, it’s rice, veggies, and meat cooked up in pot, with the rice hardening at the bottom. The egg on the top is the kicker here.

Pyongyang Cold Noodles

pyongyang cold noodles

Not exactly the Korean variety, but similar as its cold and has buckwheat noodles. Sadly lacking in mustard, and not up to DPRK standards, but if you need your fix, it fills a hole. And yes North Korea’s can travel abroad.


janbing - dandong street food

Legendary Chinese/Dandong breakfast. Like a fried wrap with egg and meat. Served all year round outside Dandong train station. Very popular if you are the train into North Korea!

Taedonggang Export

Taedonggang Number 6

There’s a version of Taedonggang beer (the national beer of North Korea) brewed for export in a pretty bottle, and its all over Dandong, and bloody good! Drinking beer from North Korea, whilst eating BBQ and looking over at the country is not a bad night out!

So that’s the food scene/Dandong street food gig. Come visit, you won’t regret it..

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