Greenland Northern Lights Tour

Whilst our proposed tour to Greenland was to be about much more than the Northern Lights, we were certainly hoping that this phenomenon would be making an appearance at some point.

The northern lights, polar lights, or Aurora Borealis as the cool kids call it is a light “display” caused by disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by solar winds. Enthralled yet? OK, let’s leave the science mumbo-jumbo out of things, but whilst people go searching for the northern lights in Iceland, the theory in Greenland at least is that it finds you.

To have any chance of seeing the northern lights you need the perfect weather conditions and perfect means no clouds, a clear night sky.

Alas, our first two nights made it look like we were not going to get a Greenland Northern Lights tour, in fact, it looked like we would have to simply be content with clouds and icebergs (I do actually quite like icebergs to be fair).

Then on night 3, and right in time for us, we decided this would be our night to party (we’d had a few by this point) and they popped – the northern lights!

And it did not stop there! For 4 nights, we were treated to great northern lights as much so it seemed to just pass us by at the end.

Alas, an iPhone is crap for photos of the polar lights in Greenland, and ironically it was an $8- XiaoMi that took the best photos. Who knew eh!

I’ll add some better photos later, but for now, here’s the best I have to offer from our tour chasing the Northern Lights in Greenland.

Without doubt my favourite picture of a perfect Greenland Northern Lights tour, it’s as if Aurora is lighting my cigarette.

The legendary Captain Morgan showing his french charm in front of the lights.

Not the lights, but a fairly decent sunrise.

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