Eating in Hong Kong 7-11 (everyday)

I freaking love 7-11 in most countries, but particularly in Hong Kong. I could list a million things about why I love it so much, but for today i’ll list but a few! They have Lucozade, cheap booze and real sandwiches. I’ll usually snack a lot in 7-eleven, but now things are nuts.

Carrie Lam has “encouraged” us to stay in lockdown for 14 days, so every day is a 7-eleven day! Here’s my tips on surviving.

7-eleven sandwiches

HongKong seven eleven sandwich

There are 3 breeds of the HongKong seven eleven sandwich ranging from 18-30 HKD, and this varying in quality. For me, it’s pretty much the ham and cheese. They used to do a potato sandwich, and not a day goes by that I don’t miss it.

They got weird seafood

They have what we’d call in the UK crab sticks, but they’re huge and amazing.

They got great drinks

Lucozade in HongKong seven eleven

Lucozade, Ribena, and REAL milk. This alone is enough to make me happy. Lucozade shall eventually get its own blog.

They got REAL drinks too

Bars in Hong Kong are expensive, seven eleven isn’t. That’s why the 7-11 pub crawl exists! They even have Jinro Soju, which is good with me!

There’s rahmen

They’ve got cheap noodles that can be sexed up, but they don’t come with chopsticks or a spoon. Eating noodles with your haves is not dignified, at all.

And that is how to survive coronavirus in Hong Kong merely by eating at 7-11! And yes, it is getting boring.

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