Country 147 – Sudan

If it’ll save a few quid I will put myself through hell for a flight. To cut a long story short! One hour to Hong Kong – 5 hours in a hotel – 8 hours to Dubai on Emirates – taxi to Dubai Terminal 2 – 5 hours at the airport – 3 hours (and three vodka sodas) in the lounge – 4 hours 15 minutes to Khartoum.

The visa process to Khartoum is relatively easy, you get an invite, pay 100 dollars on arrival, get a full page on your passport, then you’re in.

Being in was one thing, but then I realised my phone wouldn’t work and my driver was nowhere to be seen. Turns out Sudanese are super friendly and a guy leant new his phone. I gave him a pack of Benson. The lord works in mysterious ways.

We arrived at the Khartoum Plaza Hotel, a steady 2 star affair where I was met by fellow Islandian James Martin. First stop was some classic flag poses before we hit the town!

Well, not exactly, Khartoum shuts at 10pm. We did though have a Syrian style kebab washed down with non-alcoholic beer.

The night was ended with a classic Gareth nightcap, Valium and a can of coke. I know how to live!

Next stop exploring a Muslim country on a Friday. Let’s see how that pans out.

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