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What is Sarsi?

Sarsi is a very popular sarsaparilla from the Philippines! It is also awesome, but hey, we will get to that in due course.

What is a sarsaparilla?

A sarsaparilla (I am so bored of typing this word) is a popular soft drink that was originally made from the Smilax ornata plant amongst others. Nowadays like most everything it is made with artificial ingredients. In some respects it is a bit similar to Dandelion and Burdock, which you can read about here. It is basically part of the root beer family. These root beverages were allegedly made way back in the day by the Ameridians. Quite the history!

There is a sarsaparilla cordial still made by Fitzpatricks, the last Temperance bar in England. I will go into temperance bars in another blog, but these are bars that serve nonalcoholic drinks. Dude I shit you not. I’m starting to digress….

What is Sarsi?

Sarsi in the Philippines

Sarsi is a popular brand in both the Philippine and the wider south-East Asian region. I remember going into my local corner store in Shenzhen and seeing a can of it and literally losing my shit! I also discovered a new cola that day, so you can tell I am fairly easily pleased.

The drink can be purchased by can and by plastic bottle, but in classic Philippines style it is best drunk direct from a recyclable bottle. What is it that makes drinks from a bottle so damned good???

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Sarsi is made by the Cosmos Bottling Corporation that was formed as Manila Aerated Water Company in 1918. Obviously like any popular drink, such as Royal it is now owned by the Galactic Empire, AKA Coca-Cola.

To read more about Fanta in the Philippines AKA Royal click here.

Can you mix Sarsi though?

The most important question when it comes to ANY soft-drink. Back home I was a fan of vodka and Dr Pepper, but in the Philippines it is all about Tanduay Rum and Sarsi. I also find it a great chaser to Soju.

And that be the sexy Sarsi Story!

The Danube Restaurant in Siem Reap

Danube Restaurant – Siem Reap

Tanduay Ice

Tanduay Ice