An expat guide to Siem Reap

There are different views on when you swap from visiting to living somewhere. In my mind, it’s a month, to others 3. Well, today I officially hit 3 months in Cambodia. Here’s a guide to living in Siem Reap!

How much does housing cost in Siem Reap?

Pre Covid-19 it cost a lot more, but nowadays you can get a shit hole for $50 a nice studio for $200 or a 3 bedroom with a pool for $600. There are worse places to live than Siem Reap when it comes to housing.

Coffee by the pool Siem Reap

What are the job opportunities in Siem Reap?

Most expats only Siem Reap don’t seem to be working, but those here were formerly teachers or tourist industry people. There’s a lot of Koreans here.

What is the expat scene in Siem Reap like?

Small and very incestuous. Literally everyone knows everyone, so it is best not to misbehave!

Siem Reap Guide
Biking in Siem Reap

What is there to do in Siem Reap for expats?

Pub street is largely closed although there are a few bars still open. Angkor Watt is empty which makes it a good time to visit.

What is the food situation?

Best meat pies and burgers are found at Jungle Sports Bar and of course there is dog meat, but don’t share eating it on social media, for some reason the expats are really anti dog meat in Siem Reap.

Shopping in Siem Reap

Angkor Market has pretty much every food creature comfort you might crave and is a god send if you’ve moved here from a place like China.

Cheap beer in Siem Reap

Overall expat life in Siem Reap

It’s cheap to eat, drink and have a place with a pool, but not so great if you want to hang out with other expats.

I’m happy enough to be living here for now, but I’ll happily embrace the moment flights resume? Just where I shift my expat ass is the big question.

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