Bars closed in Phnom Penh for 14 days

Bars closed in Phnom Penh for 14 days according to a report from the Phnom Penh Capital Administration. The ban does not just affect bars, but also other businesses considered “high-risk” for the the spread of Covid-19.

Cambodia has been going through a huge rise in rates of infection related to the so-called February 20th incident, which involved call girls, bribed security guards and a whole lot of partying. This has led Cambodia moving from a relative Covid-free bubble with a few hundred cases to now having over 40,000 infections.

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Bars closed in Phnom Penh – who else has to close?

As well as bars all businesses that are considered high-risk are also required to again close, or remain closed including the following.

All schools, private and public
Resorts, museums and theme parks
Cinemas and theaters
Gems and sports clubs
Massage parlorurs

Gatherings of more than 15 people have also been banned, although quite how this edict will be enforced is anyones guess, as is what the girls of Street 130 will be doing during this period.

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What do the rule changes mean for the nightlife of Phnom Penh?

This is obviously terrible news for the already embattled bar, restaurant, and nightlife scene in the city, who were already at breaking point, again with the only winners likely to delivery companies, such as Food Panda and the like.

Bars closed in Phnom Penh
Bars closed in Phnom Penh

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Bars closed in Phnom Penh – when does it come into affect?

The ban is set to be enforced from tomorrow June 20th and will last until July 3rd 2021, meaning revelers have one night, tonight to party like its 1998. The bar comes at a particularly awkward time for bars, with the current European Championships having bolstered bar coffers with football fans coming in to watch games.

While the bans is obviously not ideal it is far less stringent than the previous lockdown of the city, as well as the curfew that went with it. Although with over 74 percent of the capital having now received at least one dose of the vaccine the hope is very much that this will be the last business closure before some form of normality returns to the capital.

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