Cambodia cola challenge – Is Coca-Cola Original taste worth the money?

Is Coca-Cola Original taste worth the money? Recently whilst in Kiwi-Mart I was presented with my nightly drink choices. Cambodia is under under alcohol ban, so my choices did not include soju. This is a shame, I like soju.

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At the cola aisle I was presented with all the usual favourites, Coke, Pepsi and Ize Cola, the local brand. Believe me, we will talk about them later. There was also another fun shaped metal bottle called original taste. The regular cola’s were 50-90 cents. Original taste coco-cola was $2.15. The sane person in me thought what a rip-off, whilst the Street Food Guy in me thought I must try this.

What is Coca-Cola original taste?

Coca Cola original Tast

From what I can gather from the Coke website,, which I will not link to Original Taste coke it what they refer to for their main brand. In the Cambodian setting it was being pushed as a more “original” and therefore costly cola experience. Four times the price is not to be sniffed at.

Kind of reminiscent of the Cola wars of the 80’s. Oh fun fact Pepsi could have won that war as they literally had a navy at one point.

To read about when Pepsi had a Navy click here .

Anyhow like a dumb ass I purchased them all.

Coca-Cola Orignal taste taste test

All four cans were prepared, regular coke, Pepsi, Ize and classic Coke. A pair of underpants were put over my head and I did a blind taste test.Sadly the video for this is not yet ready, but I will give the results.

Cambodia cola challenge
Cambodia cola challenge
  1. Ize
  2. Coca-Cola Original Taste
  3. Coke
  4. Pepsi

Ize cola, which you can read about here is the best coke in Cambodia and that my friends is official! And I got it from a good old fashioned Cola war blind taste test.

Is Classic Coke/Coca-Cola Original Taste worth 4X as much as regular coke? No clearly it is not. Lesson not only learned, but also calories put on and money wasted for no good reason.

Street Food Guy well and truly out….

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