Rum Tasting in Siem Reap

In Siem Reap they have started to make their own whisky, which is very good, but they also create their own rum, which is what we will talk about today!

How to do rum tasting in Siem Reap

rum tasting in Siem Reap

Head to Georges Craft Rum which is where they bottle and create their own rum. For a mere $5 you can sample 11 of their rums from small shot glasses. This is meant to be done as a tester, so that you get the flavor for it! It is a great deal

What flavors are included?

Coffee, lime, pineapple, regular, passion fruit, coconut and “electric” amongst others.

rum tasting in Siem Reap

What is the Siem Reap rum like?

OK, so now we can get a bit geeky, the rum here is made directly from sugar cane, NOT from molasses. If you are expecting a fine Havana Club type beverage you will be very sorely disappointed with what you receive here.

There are no real aged rums here, and what you get is agricole rum that is then infused with lots of flavours, such as cinnamon to create infused sugar cane rum. Some taste much better than others.

What is the best rum in Siem Reap?

There were a few rums not on the free sample list that we got to try anyway, my favorite in the rum tasting in Siem Reap by a mile was Kampot pepper and peanut. Honestly one of the best drinks I have ever tried. If you are a Baileys type person ask for them when you visit Georges in Siem Reap.

Do they sell rum at Georges?

They not only have their very own gift shop, which also sells chutney, but there is a fine restaurant (quite pricey) as well as rum tours that cost $15.

My personal suggestion is to avoid spending the $15 and push that budget towards buying the different rums at the bar.

Don’t go expecting the best rum in the world, but have an open mind, because it really isn’t that bad.

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