Sexing up Rahman Noodles

My original idea when I came to Beihai was to have fun on the beach, eat some street food and drink some beers. And then along came the coronavirus, everything closed, and we all got told to stay at home!

We’ve tried to keep meals as interesting as possible, you can only last so long before Rahman noodles get on the menu.

If you’ve never eaten Rahman noodles you’ve either never been poor, or been to China. In China, there are whole aisles dedicated to the original instant noodle, and it’s a big deal. It is also one of the cheapest foods you can buy in China (and that’s saying something).

Cooked by itself in the student fashion it’s pretty boring, but you can sex up the dish by adding eggs, vegetables, and even a little bit of good old fashioned Chinese processed meat. Salivating yet? OK, it’s not the most imaginative of meals, but during virus and house arrest situations it truly works.

I also today discovered a bit of fusion cuisine that has somewhat rocked my world. Basically you fry up some chips (french fries to our North American friends) and season them with the salt/flavouring from Rahman noodles. Sounds a bit wacky, but holy mackerel does it work!

Chips with Rahman seasoning. It’s a thing now…

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