Ohana Hotel

The Ohana Hotel is situated right in the centre of Phnom Penh, next to the Mekong, Street 130 (bar street), and next to some of the best street food in Cambodia.

Why come to the Ohana Hotel?

If you are all about the location, then this place has a great location, it is that simple! Bars, food, and even historical sites, if that is your thing.

Rooms at the Ohana Hotel

Big beds, AC, Fox Movies, a bathtub, and under $40 a night. It hits all the important bits that you need.

Services at the Ohana Hotel

A really nice swimming pool that allows access 24/7 (I tested this out), and a rooftop bar, which is also where breakfast is served. Breakfast is a decent affair, certainly when you consider the price of the hotel.

There’s also a poolside/room service menu that is decently priced, and the food is particularly good. Strangely for Asia they got the concept of a rare steak sandwich ($4.50), and that would be my personal suggestion, washed down with a Gin and Tonic for $2.80.

Nightlife around the hotel

Streets 130, and 136 are less than 5 minutes walk away from the hotel, and this is where the bars that have lots of ladies who would like to become your friend. Lining the Mekong are lots of higher end bars, but they are still cheap (compared to western standards), and the food is great.

Day wise it is right next to a huge open-air market that is great to explore.

How safe is it around Ohana Hotel?

Phnom Penh is famous for people stealing your phone, or bag, and the area around this hotel is no different. Security guards are around, but they are not really of much use sadly.

Still, the hotel can’t be blamed for crime in Cambodia……

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