Best Burger in Tonga

Seeing as it was officially our last day in Tonga (who knows what will happen with the flights) we decided to do a post-cyclone trip to the beach. Oh my was it windy?

After filming some footage and getting thrown about on rocks by waves we decided to go into the one café next to the beach.

The café in question, Hideaway Lic Café made 3 broad statements, the best burger in Tonga, icy cold beer, and that it was established in 1643. Further exploration was indeed required.

I ordered a Maui beer, and a fresh coconut, both were good, and cold. I also ordered the main burger, sans lettuce with a yokey egg thrown in as a brucey bonus.

Burger came with a stick in the middle to keep it together, and yoke dripping down the sides. A damned good burger, and in fairness the best of the two i had had in Tonga up to this point.

The owners were really nice, and judging by how old they looked may have been there since it was allegedly founded in 1643. I felt it polite not to ask though.

If you end up at Hideaway Lic Café, i concur that it’s homemade, and probably the best burger in Tonga .

Where can you get a good burger in Tonga? It’s here…

Tonga blow holes – not glory holes

We finished the afternoon at the Tonga Blow Holes, not to be confused in any way with Glory Holes.

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