What are the sexiest foods to involve during sex?

For many Vanillas, their food choices could be random, as long as they are satisfying. But if you have a bit of a kinky mind—as we do in OrgasmicWays—then the kitchen becomes your playground and the foods… well, they are your toys! 

 Keep reading if you wish to find out the sexiest foods to involve during sex. 

1)      Chocolate

There are many reasons why you should involve chocolate during sex. First and foremost, it contains L-argentine, which enhances blood flow to the sexual organs in both males and females. This means increased sensation, satisfaction, desire and mood elevation.
But apart from that, it also adds delicious sweetness to a juicy French kiss. Simply hold it in your mouth, or move it from your mouth to your partner’s mouth, for a very tasty experience.

2)      Nutella

As mentioned above, it is chocolate, so once again we are talking about blood flow and increased desire.
But you could also add a tiny bit to your partner’s genitals to give it a sweet taste whilst orally satisfying them. As a matter of fact, our online Vanilla Cream Party, a sex game for couples, uses Nutella all the time. The texture is sticky, so it takes a while to lick off, leading to prolonged pleasure for both parties. Of course, if you are sensitive to yeast infections, it might not be the best for you. Instead, opt for a sugar-free alternative like this Chocolate Body Pen, made especially for kinky play.

3)      Frozen Grapes

If ice cubes are a bit too cold for you, frozen grapes make a great alternative.  Either keep them in your mouth whilst going south, for some kinky Temperature Play, or use them to draw a long line on your partner’s body and drizzle the juice over their erogenous zones. Then just follow that line with your lips and watch your lover shake out of anticipation for where you will kiss next.
Grapes also increase nitric oxide production in your body, which means improved blood flow and harder erections. 

4)      Cream

With the perfect fluffy yet sticky consistency, cream is surely one to integrate into your foreplay. Spray it on your partner’s nipples or penis, and lick them clean afterwards. This tasty treat will add more to your life than just a few calories. If you decide to use it on a woman, then take the sugar-free option that is available and be careful about getting the dessert inside the labia, as sugar can cause yeast infections.

5)      Mints

If you wish to give your partner the best oral ever, then hold a small mint in your mouth before going down on them.  Depending on the strength of the mint, you either hold it just for a few seconds or up to a minute.  In my experience, less is more; communicate frequently. It really cools down the genitals and makes them more sensitive, even to just the blow of cool air.   If this is done properly, it could lead to an amazing orgasm

6)      Banana peels

Although there are some reports advising not to do it, it mostly depends on how sensitive the receiver is to allergic reactions. So my advice is to do a patch test beforehand.
If everything turns out fine, then use a banana peel to give your man the hand job of his life.   The texture, softness and sliminess will be the closest experience to a blowjob without actually getting blown!  It’s amazingly great to look him straight in the eye as he explodes all over your hand and, well, banana peel.

7)    Cucumbers

These are probably the most used vegetable to replace a dildo.  They come in different sizes and shapes, and once you pull a condom over them, they are pretty safe to use.  You can also cool your cucumber in the freezer beforehand for a few hours, if Temperature Play is on the cards.
Regardless of your situation, if the cucumber is too big, then use a carrot instead.  Or if too small, you can always use an eggplant as an alternative.   

8)      Ice Popsicles

Although these are way too cold to use as a sex toy (please don’t use them for penetrating), they come in quite handy for showing off your blowjob skills.  Just sit in front of your partner as you demonstrate your talents by licking and sucking it.  This life show will definitely send them through the roof!

Involving food during sex is an exciting way to spice up your life.  It may be a bit scary to actually bring up the subject, but once you get over that, you will realize it was well worth it.  As long as you use the right treats for food sex, you can get yourself a very appetizing experience. 

Now go on and get yourself that 5-star dinner!

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