Best Street Food in Cebu

Street Food in Cebu is so good even Netflix did a show about. Here’s my Cebu street food adventure.

I’d last been to Cebu three years ago, with my main memories being Mango Square being filled with hookers and a ladyboy trying to rob me whilst I went to buy medicine. When I recently had a stag tour booked here, I was hoping this trip would be more successful.

Why was I in Cebu?

I was due to be helping coordinate a stag tour for GNT, which involved a bunch of French guys firing guns whilst dressed as penises and partying on a yacht with a bunch of hotties. Both of these were a success. I didn’t actually board the yacht myself; I sat in the Movenpick and drank sparkling wine (baller).

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Mango Square Cebu

Event over, we headed to Mango Square for some drinkies. Mango square used to be the party capital of Cebu, but the main square is now pretty dull, consisting of just two sports bars: an Irish one and one called Semi-Final Bar. I chose the latter as they had shots of whisky for 50 pesos. That’s one dollar. I like shots.

Street food in Cebu!

Despite the Philippines now being famous for Nazi smoking rules, I found out I was allowed to smoke on the balcony. From said balcony I saw a square that seemed to filled to the brim with about 30 independent stands selling street food! We decided to explore…

The place is located on Mango Avenue (literally right behind Mango Square), and is called Fango Bazaar. Holy shit! Best street food in Cebu? This might have been the best I have tried in the Philippines, and was comparable to similar bazaar-type places you find in places like Malaysia.

street food in Cebu

The Fango Bazaar has a big seated area in the middle, and seemingly about 15 or so independent stalls selling every kind of meat available, sweet Filipino specialities  like Halo-Halo (that deserves its whole own article) and of course, with it being an island, seafood.

I did two fantastic nights here, with one being devoted to love for all things meat – gizzards, liver, the lot – and the second night being devoted to a huge seafood platter, which would have been more enjoyable if I could eat rice (keto diet).

Cebu Street food we salute you!

But overall, and in my humble opinion, this place offered a street food vibe you get in a lot of countries (but rarely in the Philippines): a great street food atmosphere, a huge selection, and the kind of place you can quite happily sit and sink beers at.

The Street Food Guy decrees the Fango Bazaar the best street food in Cebu!

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