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Koreatown – Angeles City

samgyeop angeles pampanga

There’s a lot of reasons to come to Angeles City (GIG), and food might not be necessarily be at the top of your list. But did you know that Pampanga – Angeles’ province – is the culinary capital of the Philippines? There’s only so much Sisig and Adobo you can eat before needing a change of pace, and Angeles City has by far the biggest Koreatown in the Philippines.

I’ll add that as well as being genuine Street Food Guy, I have also spent 11 years ferrying people to and from North Korea. I therefore consider myself to be something of an authority when it comes to Korean food. Check out my North Korean street food blog for further evidence.

Without further ado, then: here are my top tips on what to do in Koreatown, Angeles, in no particular order.

Drink Soju

north korean soju

This may be stating the obvious – but is it though? Here’s the deal: most bars in the Philippines give you a choice of San Miguel, San Miguel Light, Red Horse, Tanguay Rum or the subpar Fundador Brandy. A beer costs a dollar or two in a bar, but a bottle of South Korean soju costs $3-5. For an alcoholic looking for the maximum blood alcohol level, soju is clearly the superior choice.

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Unlimited Samgipsal

samgyeop angeles pampanga

Korea Town has taken the whole ‘all you can eat’ vibe and run with it. Unlimited side dishes plus $3 soju makes it easy to kill a night in Korea Town, and all for under 20 bucks (including transport).

Koreatown: the Samyang Challenge!


Let’s be honest: any food that involves a challenge is usually shit (the Tamilok Challenge, anyone?), but this one involves eating the spiciest ramen on the planet without dying. I really enjoyed it; the next day, my arse unfortunately did not.

They have Korean-style KTVs

The women line up and you choose the ones you’d like to keep you company, if that’s your thing. It’s not my thing; I personally collect Canadian quarters.

Koreatown: W-Bar


As is the Korean wont, you can’t just sit and get hammered without buying food. W-Bar does, however. They also have blueberry cheesecake which is simply orgasmic.

Kim-Mart (etc)

kim mart

There’s a tonne of convenience stores all called Kim – or some variation thereof – that sell a whole bunch of great Korean shit. Bulgogi tuna, fresh kimchi, and of course the quintessential soju. At $2 a pop, maths enthusiast will note that it’s a whole dollar cheaper than its restaurant counterpart.

Koreatown has a Jollibee

Angeles’ Koreatown has a Jolibee. There’s nothing Korean there, but who doesn’t like Jolibee?

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That’s the Street Food Guy guide to Koreatown which, believe it or not, makes a great change from watching bikini-clad girls dance badly on Fields Avenue.

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