Kool Cola – how cool is it?

Kool Cola, just how cool is it? It seems like a while since I did a sod-drink “expose”, so lets talk about Kool Cola. Yesterday was a mixed bag of tricks for me when it comes to the world of sodas.

I started with a classic of Cambodia – Ize Lemon, before moving onto something I thought looked great Sugar free Orange Coke. I like Coke and I like Fanta, ala #FantaQuest, ala #ColaQuest. Combined and with being sugar free it was an abomination that I could not even finish. Sad times indeed.

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Kool Cola you say?

Orange cola

I was to end up at AEON Mall, which you can read about here (link to their website), the main all in Phnom Penh for a little bit of grocery action. I saw Kool Cola for 40 cents a can, making at after Aje Big Cola another cheap cola brand.

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It was duly taken home and put in the fridge, ready for a Friday night tastes test. Unlike other human being though I was not to just drink it, first I had to research it.

Where is Kool Cola from?

Kool Cola
Kool Cola

Despite my journalistic instincts my usual go to is Wikipedia, there is no Wiki for Kool Cola. If you do not have a Wikipedia page you are by very definition obscure.  I had to delve further.

After further investigation I was to discover that the internet did to have the answer, I would instead have to go deep, by in fact looking at the can. It turns out that Kool Cola is made in Malaysia from where it is exported to a number of countries, with Cambodia being a big market. Cambodian’s it would appear really love their cola drinks, by my  reckoning there are four popular brands, five if you include Pepsi that I do not recall seeing in the Kingdom, although I am sure it is available.

The #ColaQuest Taste test

The ColaQuest taste test is where we separate the men from the boys. How does Kool Cola taste?

Presentation wise it come stone of the new longer style cans, which I am not fan of. Taste wise its not awful, it is not North Korean coke, which you can read about here (link to VisitDPRK North Korean Coke). Not overtly sweet, nor all that bad, but still that twang that you get form a cheap cola. It tastes like cheap Coke. This puts it by my reckoning 3rd best cola in Cambodia, behind Ize and Coke.

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Can you mix Kool Cola

And finally we get to the crux of the matter, the big question that everyone cares about. Can you mix it! Inshore you can mix Kool Cola with liquor, but it is more a vodka than a rum mixer and you would certainly not want to add it to any premium branded stuff, that would be sacrilege!

So, how cool is Kool Cola? Cool enough, but not cool as Ize – see what I did there!

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