Introducing Chunking Mansions

There’s a certain irony to the naming of Chunking Mansions, Chunking is many many things, mansions it is not. Probably the dodgiest place in Hong Kong, but at least it has good street food.

Where is Chunking Mansions?

Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Asia, The World – the zip code for Tsimshatsui is 999077 (I bank here). It is a huge tower block on Nathan Road, notice tower block, not mansion.

What do they do there?

Whilst it’s most famous for its cheap lodgings, where a private room can cost as little as $12 (they are not nice). It is also Hong Kong’s drugs and dodgy deal central.

That’s it?

No, they don’t just sell drugs and shit hotels in Chinking Mansions, it is also where Africans and Indians buy and sell stuff, the best money changers, and SIM cards are

Chunking Mansions Hawkers

It starts as so, “hey boss wanna buy a suit”, “no”, you then get offered everything from weed to crack, very openly. It is also the place where elderly Chinese hookers are put out to pasture. One regularly gets offered “massage”.

Best bar around Chunking Mansions

The 7-11 at Chunking is a wonderful place to spend an evening! Oh you certainly meet an interesting character or two. I once fell asleep outside here.

Is there Street Food in Chunking Mansions?

To be fair it’s the best place in the country, I mean territory to get Indian food, Tamil, Sri Lankan. If it’s south Asian it exists at Chunking Mansions.

Why stay at Chunking Mansions?

It’s an epic place, and it’s cheap. To really sum up the place check out this article. For those old enough to remember it is a bit like the old “walled city” another legend in itself.

Is Chunking Mansions safe?

No, but that’s half the fun.

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