Arriving in Reykjavik on a Saturday night

It is almost 4 am, which is exactly 24 hours since I got up, but I am so buzzing by my surroundings that I have to get this written down!

I’ll leave to Varna – Prague – Reykjavik part to another time because it really isn’t that interesting.

This is my Day 1 views of Reykjavik!

How to Get from Reykjavik Airport to Town or Your Hotel

Very efficient, if not all that cheap. FlyBus/Reykjavik Excursions run buses that are 35 Euro for one way, 55 Euro including a return back to the hotel. You get a coloured ticket and they either drop you off on the way, or you get dropped off at the main bus station, from where you transfer to a different bus. I did the latter.

Centrum Guesthouse

I was to be staying at Centrum Guesthouse and had been provided a code, as I was due to arrive at 2 am and no one would be awake. Fair enough. As we arrived, I noticed not only were we very much central, but there were people literally EVERYWHERE. I dropped my bags in what was a very nice room and headed out.

What is Reykjavik like on a Saturday night?

Fucking mental. People of all colours and creeds, scantily dressed considering the weather drunkenly walking the streets or lining up to get into bars. 

Where were they drinking?

Amusingly, the busiest bars I could see were the English, Irish, and American Bars.

Any dodgy bars in Reykjavik?

I walked passed one bar, Shooters that had rather sexily glad ladies beckoning gentlemen in, it was the only bar without a line and looked empty. My spidey senses were tingling but I took a quick look inside before leaving. Apparently, Shooters is the sketchiest bar in Reykjavik, where despite it being illegal, one may get a lap dance for about $150. 

Is there street food in Reykjavik? 

In the middle of the two main bar streets, there were 4 carts serving crepes, hot-dogs, shawarma, and amazingly lobster sandwiches (at $20 each).

There was also a 24-hour market, not selling alcoholic, but pizza and a drink for about $8, but get this! Pepsi costs $4. I was not in the mood for a cola quest! The only cheap soft drink I could find was called “Orka”, which came out to be about a dollar for a bottle (I think it was on special).

I had gorged on food in the lounge at Prague, so did not try any culinary delights, and felt it a bit pointless dropping $20 alone on a pint in a really busy bar full of drunk people (Jesus I sound like the Grinch). 

Day 1 for the Street Food Guy was all about people watching, and Reykjavik surely delivered.

When I was in Israel and Palestine I kind of begrudged paying $10 plus a drink, because there really wasn’t a vibe. Reykjavik has a vibe, and I see a few naughty nights on my horizon.

Country 145, Iceland – I am inside you.

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