The Healthiest Teas In The World That Are Worth Trying

These days, everyone is looking for the next way to improve their health. Whether that is by dieting, exercising, taking supplements, or seeking medical attention. There are thousands of ways to help boost immunity and general health, one of which is with tea.

That’s right, the humble teabag can actually greatly improve your health. A variety of teas have been used worldwide for centuries to help with various ailments or simply to help make people feel better. Below, you will find the healthiest teas in the world that are definitely worth trying.

How to Find New Teas

Aside from searching the aisles of your local health food store or supermarket, how do you discover and find these new teas? Luckily, there are plenty of ways. Many subscription services offer a tea of the month club, where you can receive a selection of new teas every month straight to your door. This is great because you will not only receive new and exciting teas to try, but you’ll likely receive some nice information on each tea and how they can help you. If you’re keen to try a lot of teas, this could be the way forward for you!

  • Green Tea

Let’s start with green tea. Almost everyone has heard of green tea. This tea has its origins in China, dating back at least 4,500 years, and has been used more and more around the world ever since. 

Green tea is rich in polyphenols, substances known to be high in antioxidants. It is therefore known that green tea can help protect against free radical cells known to cause all kinds of diseases and increase the speed of aging. Green tea may not make you young, but it can certainly help slow the ongoing effects of age. 

On top of this, green tea has been shown to boost cognitive function and memory. A study undertaken by the University Hospital of Basel in Switzerland showed that those who drank green tea had better short and long-term memory function when compared with those who did not. So, green tea is good for both the brain and the body! 

  • Black Tea

Believe it or not, the classic black tea has similar reported health benefits too. There have been studies showing that it can help prevent Alzheimer’s, improve cognitive function, reduce inflammation, and more. Considering that it is one of the most widely drank teas in the world, there is not much else to say other than keep drinking your black tea

  • Rooibos Tea

A slightly less common tea here, the rooibos tea. Rooibos means “red bush” and it is made from the plant Aspalathus linearis, which is native to South Africa. It has a nice, sweet taste and a gentle nutty flavor, making it very easy to drink. 

But, what are the health benefits involved with rooibos? Well, it has been shown to have high levels of antioxidants, much like green tea, though maybe a little less. These antioxidants are so great at providing your liver with a higher antioxidant capacity to fight damage caused by toxicants. 

  • Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is often a green tea base that is then mixed with the jasmine flower. So, you’ll get the antioxidant effect of green tea with a little more flavor. But, the benefits of the jasmine flower don’t stop there. It has been stated that jasmine can help alleviate stress and help with sleep and relaxation. So you’re getting a nicer drink and extra health benefits too! 

  • Ginger Tea

Ginger is used in food and drink all around the world. One of the best benefits of ginger is that it can help massively with any digestive tract issues. Feeling sick, bloated, or nauseous? Ginger could help.

Ginger also has links to cancer and cancer treatment. Firstly, it has been shown to reduce post-chemotherapy nausea in patients who are undergoing cancer treatment by up to 40%. This is a great help to those struggling with the after-effects of intense chemotherapy. On top of this, gingerols – the compounds in ginger that give it its strong taste and smell – actually have links to preventing cancerous cell development. This research is ongoing, but if ginger can prevent sickness and potentially reduce cancer, it has to be worth eating or drinking in a tea!

So, you probably want to try some of these teas now! Get online and search for a specialist tea subscription or another location where you can grab a few of these teas and start feeling the benefits. The real bonus: they all taste awesome as well as help to make you feel great! 

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