What is Самогон?

What is Самогон? Directly translated it is moonshine, but it is extra special as it is moonshine from the former Soviet Union! Yes have all read stories about Russians going blind after drinking it. In fact we recently had deaths in Cambodia from rice liquor .

But for me personally, I like a small risk of death when I consume a drink!

Making Самогон

The very definition of moonshine varies from place to place to place, you will see lots of recipes from Americans for example. The Slavs do things differently. In the former Yugoslavia it is more like a brandy and called rakia. And man can it pump some heat.

To read about Albanian Rakia click here .

In Russia/Ukraine type places they make it with barley, and it is actually not all that difficult. Well that’s what my moonshine provider tells me. Самогон is quite different to rake

So, how do you make Самогон?

Well I have managed to find this rather informative video , as well as a slightly more useful one in English . Basically it involves  making a moonshine mash. This can be anything from corn to barley, in this case they use barley.. Then using sugars and stuff to ferment it. To be honest it is something that I have always wanted to do, but the whole process just bloody confuses me.

OK, I give up where can I buy Самогон in Phnom Penh?

Of course the other option to making it is just buying it. The best moonshine in Phnom Pen can be found at Jungle Cat . You can get it by the shot, or by the bottle.

You can also now get the good stuff at Embargo Bar . The best craft beer bar in Phnom Penh.

Get your drink on!

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