The Best Bars of Sok San Road

Almost every country has its special little area filled with bars where a gentleman need not go lonely, and for Siem Reap that is Sok San Road.

The difference here though and say Fields Avenue in Angeles or Wan Chai is that these are not go-go bars, or bar fine, but mostly “mixed” bars in that they are also “real” bars, but with many having freelancer ladies hanging about.

I won’t review every single bar on the strip, as many are rather small and pointless, but i’ll hit up the five best bars on Sok San Road.

Finn McCools bar

I’ll probably go all in and give this one its own blog at some point, but the obligatory Irish bar that every city insists on having. Not very Irish at all, in fact the manager is French, but they got good food, a decent pool table, and no freelancers. If you want a place to chill and be left alone, this really is the place.

Best Bars of Sok San Road

Draft Bar

Next door but one to the Irish bar but the absolute polar opposite of the place. Regularly heaving with freelancers and gentlemen looking for company for the evening. Not exactly the place to come for a quiet pint after work.

Best Bars of Sok San Road


Not the bar, but rather the mini-mart with chairs outside. A little reminiscent of similar kinds of bars you find in China and beyond, but basically you get your beers and food for cheap and site outside. Cheaper than a bar, but more expensive than sitting at home.

The Hat Bar

It is impossible not to miss this bar as the friendly ladies will all be shouting at you to come in! Very relaxed vibe and they let you put your own music on. Can’t say fairer  than that.

Drinky’s Bar

Kind of like a fusion between a normal and freelancer bar, yes there are numerous freelancers here, but there is also a loyal crowd of regulars and a great pool table. They even have the odd pool competition!

And they are currently the 5 best bars on the most notorious street in Siem Reap….

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