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The Od’n Aiwo Hotel Bar is one of the 4 bars in Nauru. As a self declared expert on all things Nauru, I decided I should review it.

For any regular readers you will know that I am currently stuck in Cambodia. Not al that bad, but due to a recent Covid-19 spike i’m staying indoors.

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So, there are 4 bars in Nauru?

Excluding restaurants there are 4 bars in Nauru. Namely Bayview, Jules on Deck, Menem Hotel and the Od’d Aiwo Hotel Bar. I’ll add that this list also ranks them best to worst. That’s right it is the worst bar in Nauru.

Tell us all about the  Od’n Aiwo Hotel Bar

The bar is located at the back of the Od’n Aiwo Hotel, which is the third best hotel in Nauru (out of 4). There’s a Chinese restaurant at the front that is actually pretty good. They serve an excellent coconut tuna dish, which is the closest thing there is to “Nauru cuisine”.

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The bar has a pool table, which is nice, but it essentially exists for the pokeys. Pokeys are what Australians call fruit machines, or slots as our transatlantic chums might say. On most days of the week you will see bored Australian workers pissing away their money here. I have been to the bar on many occasions and never seen another drink.

They do though have beer AND Jager. One year we all did shots of Jager and Tequila, which was nice.

So, that is the Od’n Aiwo Hotel Bar, not the best bar in Nauru, nor even the 2nd, or 3rd best, BUT essential for a Nauru pub crawl And who doesn’t want to visit every bar in a whole country?

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