Ultimate Prey Veng Guide

Prey Veng Guide you say? Prey Veng is the 4th most populous province in Cambodia. Apparently more than 1 million people live here, but you would not know that form visiting. Unless for work you are unlikely to end up in Prey Veng. This is a pity, turns out it is actually quite nice.

Pre Veng Guide

Prey Veng Guide

Prey Veng city is the capital of Prey Veng province. It is a small unassuming town with a very relaxed countryside atmosphere.

Getting to Prey Veng

First question why you want to come here! about 2 hours by car from Phnom Penh. A private taxi will cost $40, or so a bus a few dollars. There are not many buses that come to Prey Veng though.

Sleeping in Prey Veng

Remember we said it was small? There are two hotels in the city and none of them come up on regular sites like booking.com. You will need a Khmer to help you book.

I ended up staying at the Rum Doul Don Reoun Guest House.

About 2km from town. Resembles a US style motel with driving in ability and the rooms all being on one floor. Has a small con lenience store and is overall just quite nice!

What to do in Prey Veng?

Almost nothing and there is no touristic reason to come here. It is though a very beautiful and laid back town. The look kind of reminded me of a sleepy Cuban town. Theres lots of old colonial buildings, the Mekong and beautiful sunsets. Cannot imagine living in Prey Veng, but if you are caught here for a night its not bad.

Prey Veng FC were promoted to the C-League for 2021. This si now a reason to come here, to watch their team take on the best of Cambodia. I was personaly there for the Prey Veng FC Pre-Season Cup. Spoiler alert it was won by Viskha FC, my favorite Cambodian team.

Eating/Food Prey Veng

Theres street food everywhere in Prey Veng, but there is also the central market. Amazing food for cheap as chips. We were paying 500 rials, or 12 cents per spring roll. You won’t go hungry in Prey Veng.

Drinking in Prey Veng

Didn’t see any bars, but who knows, perhaps there is a secret Prey Veng nightlife. Do not expect Street 130 though.

To read about Street 130 click here .

Getting out of Prey Veng

Leaving you will either need your own vehicle a private taxi, or rely on the bus timetable. It is not to far from Kampong Cham if you are heading north. Makes an OK rest stop.

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