Best pickled eggs in Phnom Penh at Box Office

It feels like so long since I wrote a best X in Phnom Penh piece, but lets be honest Covid-19 has made things a little bit crazy here in the capital of Cambodia. But things are at least getting back to normal, which means that bars, at least the ones that sell food are now officially open.

It was through a mere walk around the city that we not only discovered Durian Beer, but also picked eggs in a pub!!!

We have previously written the quintessential guide to pickled eggs which you can read here

Box Office English Pub Phnom Penh

Best pickled eggs in Phnom
pickled eggs

Box Office is probably the most legitimate English pub I have found In Phnom Penh, classics such as fish and chips on the menu, bangers and mash, many other delights, but of course also pickled eggs, which we shall address later.

Box Office is located a few streets along from the Royal Palace on a very nondescript street, and as well as the aforementioned great food also offers a Tuesday 20 percent discount to teachers. I’d like to see myself as a kind of teacher.

The Beers at Box Office Phnom Penh

Chip and fish

I’m slowly learning that the craft beer scene in Phnom Penh is about much more than a few bars, craft beers are all over the city, with the selection at Box Office Phnom Penh being extremely good. I even recognized a few beers from the Kampot Beer Festival.

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I personally went for a pint of Durian Beer. Did you know that beer and durian can apparently kill you? Yeah its a thing.

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Needless to say I like durian and I like beer, thus they went together like peas and carrots. I’ll give durian beer its own article at some point.

Best Pickled Eggs in Phnom Penh at Box Office

OK, so time to deal with the crux of the matter. Growing up pickled eggs were what you ate in the pub, there literally was no food in pubs when I was first at drinking age, so seeing pickled eggs was a real treat.

They cost 25 cents an egg, which meant I had 4 pickled eggs at box office. They are cut in half served with extra vinegar, salt and pepper. I can therefore decree them as the best pub pickled eggs in Phnom Penh.

Khmer Pickled Eggs

Best pickled eggs in Phnom
khmer pickle eggs

The pickling of eggs it would appear is nothing new in Cambodia though, and as well as making my own have had some of the homemade variety. The trick with the Khmer version is you leave the yoke that extra bit runny.

And that is how you find the best pickled eggs in Phnom Penh!

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