Honeycomb, wax and chicken feet

Whilst hanging out at Been Been Cafe, essentially our local the owner asked if we’d line to be her guinea pigs on some new snacks she’s was trialing.

Snack 1 was a fresh coconut, I won’t bother writing about that, as you know it’s a coconut, although it was very good.

Coconut Siem Reap

Snack 2 – beeswax – I’m not expert on these things but a honeycomb like structure on a piece of tree surrounded by honey. She’d procured it from a mountain near Siem Reap. You basically rip bits off that are covered on honey in wolf it down. It’s basically beeswax wrapped in honey. The fresh honey is amazing, but the wax line, well wax with a hint of chewing gum. Quite the squired taste, but heck you don’t get fresher than that!

Honeycomb Siem Reap

Snack 3 – Cambodian chickens feet

I’ve done the chicken feet rounds in China, but they tend to be dry, spicy and served in clubs. For Asians chicken feet is the quintessential beer snack.

Chicken feet Siem Reap

Khmer chicken feet differentiated itself from the Chinese version by being cooked in a gravy type broth and actually tasting line chicken. I’m a fan and feel the foot of the chicken gets a bad wrap.

And that was today’s dose of chapter 4 by the pool in Siem Reap!

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