Which countries do and don’t have Subway?

Which countries do and don’t have Subway? And by Subway we mean the purveyors of a Subway Sandwich, rather than an above, or underground railways system, just so that we are clear on things.

In this article we follow our tried and tested formula of telling you which countries have Subway, which countries don;t have Subway and which countries Subway flunked in, among other great Subway Sandwich based facts.

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Who are Subway?

Which countries do and don’t have Subway
Which countries do and don’t have Subway

Subway is an American fast-food franchise that predominantly sells submarine sandwiches, that is big ass-subs, as they are more colloquially known.

A sub could and should not be confused with a submissive, which you can read about here.

The company were founded by a 17 year old kid in 1965 as Pete’s Super Submarines in Bridgeport, Connecticut, before renaming to Subway two years later. Fast forward 56 odd years and they are now one of the most well represented global American franchises, although they are by no means as well placed as KFC.

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How many countries are Subway in?

According to the fine folks as Wikipedia, who we trust Subway is the fastest growing franchise in the world and as of June 2021 are now present in more than 100 countries and territories, with almost 40,000 stores.

Countries and territories you say? OK, so this means we get into the what counts as a country territory. In the interests of this if Subway was in Guam (which they are), this counts towards the 100.

We of course have our own way of counting countries, which means that if there was a Subway in Bir Tawil it would count/ Is there a Subway in Bir Tawil? No, but they do have street food.

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Which countries have Subway?  How many countries have Subway?

This is where wet et to be lazy and show a big ass map that shows exactly where Subway is. Basically everywhere a little bit western and decadent has a Subway, of course with a few exceptions.

Interestingly and leaving out the Caribbean (to an extent) the Americas along with Europe are some of the easiest places to get a Subway sandwich, we shall deal with the exceptions soon, and no we will not be including the Vatican City.

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Interestingly Venezuela. which os often considered rather leftist not only has Subway, but is famously also a McDonalds bastion. You will also notice though that Africa has hardy any Subway Sandwich stores, with places such as South Africa, Kenya and randomly Egypt being exceptions to the rule. This still means there is no fast food in Bir Tawil.

Which countries don’t have a Subway?

In the Americas there are only 2 mainland countries without a Subway, as well as one seemingly obvious one, namely Cuba. Cuba though do have a McDonalds, although not in the mainland, but in the occupied Guantanamo Bay.

In South America there is only tiny Guyana, who at least have Kool Aid (too soon?), but no Subway sandwiches. Uruguay also do not have a Subway, but they have done theWorld Cup.

As previously mentioned Africa is a wasteland when it comes to Subway, but we will thrown in one more curveball, Ghana has KFC, but no McDonalds, or a sniff of a Subway.

Subway In Asia

Communist China is the biggest market globally for KFC and Subway is pretty big here. Japan of course has it, as does the Philippines and pretty much most of the region. Does Cambodia have a Subway? Interestingly Cambodia has but a mere 10 franchises, compared with 1300+ in the Philippines, notable exceptions being McDonalds and Subway.

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When will Subway come to Cambodia? Who knows, we are still also waiting for a Hooters! There are though many Subway rip-offs here, which I am sure will at some point get reviewed by us.

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And that is the story about which countries do and don’t have Subway and their Submarines!

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