From A Builders Cup To Green Tea: Top Surprising Health Benefits of Tea

When it comes to the daily drink of choice, the majority of those who live in cities or have to commute will opt for coffee. Indeed, with the majority of shops offering coffee over tea, it is easy to see why it has become the drink of those who have busy jobs.

But that is not to say that it is better for you. And due to the latest research, it may be time to consider swapping out your coffee beans for tea leaves. Not only for the savings to be made by getting rid of your daily Starbucks, but also for the ways tea can boost your health and well-being in every area relating to hydration, gut health, and even to immunity.

The health benefits of tea have been known for centuries, and as tea does not cause the laxative effect or dehydration effect that coffee does, it is all around better for your body when drunk daily, with the ideal amount being two to four cups a day. This amount of tea will allow you to reap the benefits of this natural brew.

And before you start typing in the health benefits of tea into your search engine, this article has aimed to break down the most common health-related benefits of all kinds of teas for you, which will help you rethink this warm and, for some reason, supposedly British drink. Enjoy!

It Can Help You Live Longer

Nobody can out-cheat death. However, there is a theory as to why so many British and Chinese people tend to live longer than those who are from countries that do not put tea drinking at the top of their agenda. A study published in September 2022, which was founded and researched by the National Cancer Institute and contained half a million people, found that tea drinkers lived longer; specifically, those who drink black tea, which does not contain milk or sugar. The head researcher stated that one key theory they had as to why this tea was at the center of the living longer outcome is because British people and Chinese people tend to drink their tea stronger than those who live in the United States. So, stronger tea is better for you! Indeed, black tea is not only delicious hot, but B.W Cooper’s Iced Tea that is black and has no sugars or added flavors is just as good for you as the hot versions.

Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

When the aforementioned study was looking for a link, there is one key theory behind the reason why tea may help people to live longer, and this is simply because it protects heart health. People who live in the U.K. and China were deemed to be less likely to die from cardiovascular disease, which includes strokes and heart attacks.

Although it is a stimulant, many studies have found and suggested that tea itself may help to lower blood pressure and promote good cholesterol over bad cholesterol. Also, tea, when drunk without sugar, has anti-inflammatory flavonoids, which will obviously play a large part in keeping the heart healthy by reducing inflammation.

Lower Risk Of Diabetes

Not as conclusive, but there is a suggestion by Chinese researchers at the European Association that people who drink tea at least four times a day are nearly 20% less likely to develop diabetes. Of course, this will vary based on whether or not you put sugar into your tea along with other flavorings that maybe sweet.

If you are a fan of just drinking plain black tea four times a day, then it seems more likely that you will avoid developing diabetes than somebody who drinks their tea with milk and sugar.

It Is Calorie Free

Going back to milk and sugar for a minute, if you drink your tea or coffee without these additives, according to dietitians, this drink is calorie free! And interestingly, it is also exceedingly hydrating and hunger-curbing, making it preferable to other drinks available on the market, such as sugary sodas or milkshakes.

Catechins in tea have also been suggested as a factor that can help people to burn calories and get rid of fat; but no studies have specifically looked at this link, and it is more of a theoretical outcome.

It Keeps Your Mind Sharp

Now onto the psychological effects. Tea contains caffeine, which will boost your alertness and attention as well as your physical performance. Thus, when drunk at specific points throughout the day, it will help keep your mind sharp. But take care not to drink too much tea, as this can have a negative impact on your sleep and may even cause you to have anxiety. But it’s well worth noting that those who sipped caffeinated natural drinks throughout the day had a better mental acuity than those consuming energy drinks in a study conducted at the University of California.

It Reduces Stress

There are substances in tea, including the amino acid L-theanine which can aid in relaxation; and if you are suffering from stress, it may be well worth sitting down with a nice warm cup of tea. Even the smell of tea being brewed can be beneficial to your mental state, as well as holding a warm mug of any kind of tea in your hands when you are feeling overwhelmed.

It Improves Bone Density

Most people associate having a high level of bone density with consuming a lot of calcium. However, one study that explored 1000 men and women found individuals who had been tea drinkers for around ten years had the greatest bone density, specifically in older age. This will obviously have an advantage against ailments such as osteoporosis and brittle bones, but more research needs to be done into this area for a more conclusive link.

In a similar vein as bone density, there have been links to tea and its anti-inflammatory properties around the joints, which is obviously a benefit to those who are older and are at a higher risk of osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Please note that in this sense, tea is not a cure but rather has been linked as being a preventative or slowing factor in the development of these illnesses later in life.

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