7 Texas Foods You Should Try On Your Next Trip to the Lone Star State

If you are planning a trip to Texas, don’t miss out on the mouthwatering selection of food specialties the Lone Star state has to offer.

Texas has something unique to offer for every foodie palate, from delicious desserts to smoky barbecues, European influences to spicy Mexican flavors.

Take a look at these top seven Texas foods you must try on your next vacation.

1. World-Famous Texas Barbecue Ribs

It’s fair to suggest that an authentic Texan barbecue has a worldwide reputation. And it doesn’t get much better than succulent slow-cooked ribs that fall off the bone. 

Most Texas recipes for ribs start with a dry rub of mixed spices hours before being added to the barbecue to give the meat plenty of time to absorb the flavor.

Of course, most meat enthusiasts in the state have their own preferred recipe, and don’t be surprised if it’s a long-standing family secret.  

2. Traditional Texan Chili

Nothing beats a bowl of warm chili on a cold winter’s day. And it is a popular staple throughout Texas.

Unlike traditional Mexican chili, Texan chili has a few specific changes. There are no beans and no fresh or chopped tomatoes. In Texas, an authentic chili is all about the meat.  

3. TexMex Queso

Is there anything more addictive than a handful of salty tortilla chips dipped in melted cheese? No TexMex is complete without a warm Queso, a side dish of melted cheese, given an added punchy heat from some chili peppers.

A traditional Queso is made with jalapeno pepper. Still, adventurous chefs sometimes add a bit of spice with cayenne pepper and hot chili powder.

4. Pecan Pie

A warm pecan pie drenched in creamy vanilla ice cream is one of the most popular Texas desserts. 

Pecans are a typical nut grown in Texas. This delicious sweet dish of nuts, syrup, and crumbly pastry is often served in the Fall months and is one of the best examples of comforting southern cooking. 

5. Kolaches

Kolaches originally stem from Czechia. Nowadays, they are a popular treat in Texas.

Kolaches are a sweet, soft pastry dough filled with sweetened soft cheese or fruity jam. You’ll find kolaches in many cafes and street carts around Texas.

6. Pan de Campo

Pan de Campo is officially known as the State Bread of Texas. It is made from shortening, flour, and milk, and although a bread by name, it actually resembles a biscuit in taste. 

Pan de Campo is a popular camping dish and delicious when served at a campfire with beans or dried meat. 

7. Chicken-Fried Steak

Chicken-fried steak is tenderized beefsteak, coated in flour and breadcrumbs, and then deep-fried for a crispy coating. It resembles the famous fast food of fried chicken, which is where it gets its unusual name. 

Chicken-fried steak originates from Texas and is still a popular item on menus throughout the state. It is typically served with gravy and is perfect when accompanied with a side order of fries. 

Irresistible Texas foods

These seven delicious Texas foods will be high up on your wish list on your next trip to the Lone Star state. It’s no wonder Texas is a popular choice for foodies looking for their next travel adventure. 

What’s your favorite Texan food? Let us know in the comments below. 

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