The Best Street Food Koh Trong

Street Food Koh Trong! After bashing out 2000 words on my Koh Trong Guide you might have gathered I have a bit of a thing for the place.

You can read the Koh Trong Guide here

To summarize the island is basically one big orchard. They’ve tried to turn it into an eco-tourism type resort, but these not be the best of times for tourism! The island is small and tracking around it is a 9km journey, of course with lots of stops on the way.

What is there to eat on Koh Trong?

There are a number of bars and cafes that look like they might have been nice back in the day, but they are now closed.

Technically there is “fine dining” at Soriyabori Resort , but lack of tourists has kind of hampered things there a bit.

Home cooked meals on on Koh Trong

It seems the best and certainly one of the cheapest ways to eat is on one of the many homestay of the island. I can personally vouch for Pomelo Homestay . I had a spicy ginger pork dish supplemented with a pineapple dish to take the edge off. Very good stuff.

Home cooked meals tend to cost a fixed $4 a person.

Homestay meal Koh Trong
Homestay meal Koh Trong

Street Food Koh Trong

OK, I was getting to Street Food Koh Trong! Essentially street food, or at least simple Khmer cuisine is the only thing left in Koh Trong with the absence of tourism. There are a few places on the journey around the island that can whip you up some lort cha for example.

One particularly nice place was with walking distance of the resort. It is where they plant the trees and you can see the flying foxes.

Flying Foxes

Koh Trong Town!

OK, so technically there is no such place as Koh Trong town, but I have christened the main area near the dock as the capital. It does after all have the biggest selection of shops (there are almost 5). As well as the worlds most underplayed coffee shop.

Coffee Shop

Here I was able to get me some proper Khmer fried meat ala street food! It cost 5000 rial, or about $1.25

To learn about Cambodian currency click here .

It was a fine melee of meat and equally as good as other meats i’ve had. They also doubled up as the beer store, which was nice! The selection was not quite as good as on Kratie, which is fair as Kratie is a fairly large town.

Street Food Koh Trong
Street Food Koh Trong

To read about the street food of Kratie click here (link).

I did though manage to get street food on Koh Trong. Minor achievement unlocked!

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