Dubai Terminal 2 Review

There’s something that really grinds my gears. Well there’s probably a lot, but one thing is when the only way to get to an airport terminal is by taxi. It’s not a terminal, it’s basically a different airport. Thus on arrival at Dubai T3 I was required to taxi to T2. I’ll therefore review it.

Dubai Airport terminal 2 is basically the budget terminal servicing Fly Dubai. It is a much smaller affair, and pre-boarding offers little in the way of dining (in fact just a Costa Coffee). They do though have a call to prayer, which is nice. I took it as a call to go for a smoke.

Being small though meant that passing through was quick and easy, and the lounge was right at the start of the airport. Food was ok as lounges go, but a 3 drink minimum before entering a dry country gave me a little bit of a sad face.

The smoking room was also somewhat compact, but at this stage of the game any smoking room beats no smoking room.

Next stop Khartoum, Sudan, and most importantly country 147!

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