Overnight in Bir Tawil

You can only try so much before having to make a tough call. Eventually we decided to leave two vehicles behind and bunch ourselves into the three remaining vehicles. To say it was snug would be doing it a great disjustice.

But, we were not to be discouraged for we were so close to our main destination. It took just over an hour for us to get to the Sudan, Bir Tawil “border”. This also happened to be an awesome place to camp with both soft-sand, and hills to protect us.

We also stopped just in time to witness a sublime sunset, our first in the terra nullus of Bir Tawil. Of course we also used this opportunity to fly our flag of Islandia, as well as leave our mark.

The camp we setup was the best so far, with perfect weather, and amazing scenery. Dinner was set up in classic Arab fashion with us laying out a carpet and chowing down. Dinner was sausages, stew and of course green órganges. For me anyway, the best meal thus far.

It also happened to be our best night of camping, with their being a light breeze, and a perfect sky (no sandstorms). I thus had my best nights sleep so far, all with the caveat of waking up to a perfect sunrise.

Overall a successful first nights incursion by sleeping in Bir Tawil.

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