Street Food Chhouk

Street Food Chhouk is a thing, Chhouk District is less of a thing. Wikipedia put it thus “Choouk District is a strict of Kampot”. It does though have good street food and I will even throw in a Chhouk, Kampot travel guide to try and push this article to the limits.

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Where is Chhouk?

Chhouk is in Kampot district and conveniently on the road between Kampot and Phnom Penh. It is to extents a bustling little town, but unless you had family here or needed to break up the 4 hour journey from PP there is no reason to visit Chhouk.

I did though notice at least two hotels in Chhouk which means for whatever reason people do visit here. I have now provided more detail on this town that has ever been on the internet. That was the Chhouk District Travel guide. You’re welcome

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That being said if any disgruntled resident or former habitant of Chhouk takes umbrage with this post then do contact the Street Food Guy!

Street Food Chhouk

Now we get the juicy part about Chhouk, pun well and truly intended. On one of my last trips to Kampot we were returning to Phnom Penh on a rather empty bus. The driver pulled up in Chhouk and left everyone locked n the bus as he went on a street food frenzy.

This made folk so angry that someone literally climbed into the drivers seat to beep the horn so he’d let us out.

What we were then treated to was rows and rows of street food vendors selling BBQ and all variations of duck, as well as a really not so tasty looking blood pudding type thing.

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A met feast was duly purchased and eaten when I got back to my house in Phnom Penh. I have been to Chhouk it has great street food, but there is little other reason to there.

The end.

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