Danube Restaurant – Siem Reap

Is there a place to eat Eastern European food in Siem Reap? Yes there is and it is called Danube Restaurant.

I’m a huge fan of Serbia and Serbs in general, so when I learned that legendary Serbians of Food Explorer would be coming to town I was more than a little bit excited. Would they be bringing rakia though?

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The Danube Restaurant

No matter who you are it is more than likely that you will crave food from your home country, or at least region, so it was via my new Serbian friends that we ended up at Danube Restaurant. Danube is ran by a Slovakian lady and her son, and in usual times is also a guesthouse. These are not usual times, so it is mainly a restaurant now. In case you need a geography lesson the Danube is a huge river that runs through much of Eastern Europe.

What is the menu at the Danube Restaurant?

Menu at Danube Restaurant in Siem Reap

Lots of Slovakian and Eastern Europe delights and very meat and cabbage centric! The best thing I probably had here was the sour cabbage and pork soup. Everything here is very fresh and cooked as best as to their ability with the ingredients available in Siem Reap.

What is the service like at Danube?

Being ran by a Slovakian she takes customer service very seriously. When I wanted a vodka soda they didn’t have soda, so actually went out to buy some. This seems like such a small thing, but in Siem Reap it is a huge touch. We also purchased cabbage in the hope they would make us salma, a stuffed cabbage dish of legendary proportions!

Location location location

The Danube Restaurant is located on a small side street off of Sok San Road, roughly in the middle of the main part of the street and within spitting distance of The Hat Bar and the Draft Bar.

Best Eastern European Restaurant in Siem Reap? I think so….

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