Coronavirus Getting Worse

I realise this is my street food blog, but seeing as i’m holed up in China watching what daily is becoming more like World War Z i’d like to give my two cents on what’s going on.

Firstly, and whilst it is rightly said that the virus started in Wuhan, it seems quarantining Wuhan might have been a little too late as the following data shows.

Total reported coronavirus cases in China (as of 9.53am Sun Jan 26)

  • 1,975 confirmed
  • 2,684 suspected
  • 49 recovered
  • 56 deaths

Cases in Beijing and surrounding areas:

Beijing: 51 confirmed cases, 2 recovered

  • Haidian 10
  • Chaoyang 8
  • Changping 5
  • Xicheng 5
  • Tongzhou 4
  • Fengtai 3
  • Daxing 2
  • Dongcheng 1
  • Shijingshan 1
  • Shunyi 1
  • Visitors from outside Beijing 11

Tianjin: 10 confirmed cases
Hebei: 8confirmed cases, 1 death

Cases in other provinces and regions (listed by number of confirmed cases):

Hubei:  1,053 confirmed cases, 42 recovered, 52 deaths
Henan: 83 confirmed cases, 1 death
Guangdong: 78 confirmed cases, 2 recovered
Zhejiang: 62 confirmed cases, 1 recovered
Chongqing: 57confirmed cases
Hunan: 43 confirmed cases
Shanghai: 40 confirmed cases, 1 recovered
Anhui: 39 confirmed cases
Shandong: 39 confirmed cases
Jiangxi: 36 confirmed cases
Guangxi: 33 confirmed cases
Sichuan: 28 confirmed cases, 1 recovered
Hainan: 19 confirmed cases
Fujian: 18 confirmed cases
Jiangsu: 18 confirmed case, 1 recovered
Liaoning: 1confirmed cases
Shaanxi: 15 confirmedcases
Yunnan: 11 confirmed cases
Heilongjiang: 9 confirmed cases, 1 death
Shanxi: 9 confirmed cases
Inner Mongolia: 7 confirmed case
Hong Kong: 5 confirmed cases
Gansu: 4confirmedcases
Guizhou: 4 confirmed cases
Jilin: 4 confirmed cases
Ningxia: 3 confirmed case
Taiwan: 3 confirmed cases
Xinjiang: 3 confirmed cases
Macao:  2 confirmed cases
Qinghai: 1 confirmed case

Tvis means that 26 pronvinces, or independent cities are now affected. Amusingly Taiwan is included, never a reason to leave politics out of the fray!

Internationally France, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines and the USA amongst other countries have been hit too.

I personally am in Guangxi (33 cases), but in the southern most tip in Beihai, so ideally as safe as i can be.

Domestically things are pretty screwey, although certainly being taken seriously. Cinemas and many places that woujd have attracted tourists are on lockdown. In many ways it feels exactly like a calm before a storm….

If things get worse i’ll make the most of my geographic location and head to Vietnam, but for now that’s my update on the Coronavirus.

We simply have to wait….

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