Why is there an alcohol ban in Phnom Penh?

Why is there an alcohol ban in Phnom Penh? Quite smiley because people are stupid and can;t be trusted – and yeah that probably includes me too!

I personally knew about the curfew coming in as thankful my birthday was the last night of “freedom”. The most was made of things with a trip to Ruby’s, as well as a few other watering holes we enjoy.

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I did not though realize there was a booze ban until I went to AEON mall for the monthly shop only to see the alcohol aisle cornered off. This reminded me of the dark days of the UK when Christendom meant no booze on Sundays. Thankfully those days are  over, nowadays booze bans are all about the virus.

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What are the new rules?

 alcohol ban in Phnom Penh
alcohol ban in Phnom Penh

There is a curfew from 9pm until 3am, why these particular times? Because these are the parting hours. The main basis of this whole gig is to stop people partying. And to add to this there is also an achoo ban.

You can still go to the few restaurants that remain open, but mostly it is take out now, meaning people like Food Panda will again rake it in.

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Restaurants and bars are undoubtedly gonna be suffering again as 2021 consistently is looking shittier than 2020, which surely takes some doing.

Why is there an alcohol ban in Phnom Penh?

Because everyone is scared of this whole new Delta variant and when people drink they don’t social distance and they make poor decisions. People essentially cannot be trust, sad but true.

When can we party again? August 10th! Now, we wait…..

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