Sabara Angkor Resort – The best hotel deal in Siem Reap

Sabara Angkor Resort was the first hotel I stayed i when I “moved” to Siem Reap. Now without any sense of irony I stayed there again, and I still believe it to be the best value hotel in Siem Reap.

How did I end up in Siem Reap, that is a whole other story for a whole other time, but it all started with the last chopper out of Saigon.

The best value hotels in Siem Reap

So the hotel scene in Siem Reap is fairly dire, obviously it used to be amazing, but Covid has screwed with things. It has not helped that the place looks like a building site too. Although if you were ever to renovate now is the time……

Siem Reap has thus seen an exodus, with people such as myself having left! You can though still get a good bar a good burger, as well as a decent hotel!

One of the best value and one I am always a fan of is Onederz, who are $15 a night, I have not stayed at the Siem Reap branch, but regularly stay at the one in Kampot.

Samara Angkor Resort is $25 a night for a regular room, but they also have rooms with a private pool.

Sabara Angkor Resort facilities

The swimming pool at Sabara is frankly amazing, really could not ask for more and at the start of chapter 4 was where we had many cocktails. Sadly there is now a booze ban in Siem Reap, much like Phnom Penh.

I’ll leave that as a no comment. The breakfast here si also included, it is not earth shattering, but it is free. When things get back to normal this place will be $1000 a night in my opinion.

The rooms have huge comfortable beds and great TV, yes I appreciate a good TV in he room. It is also a smart TV, so you get YouTube and Netflix. Who does not like Netflix and chill?

Sabara Angkor Resort – a room with a pool?

If you are lucky there is a deal, or if you are a feisty bargainer you can get the suite with a private pool for about $40-50 a night. OK, not something to do everyday, but well worth it if you want to treat yourself, or indeed others as the case may be.

The pool is hardly huge, but hey it is a pool literally in your backyard. The shower is also out there too, which is a bit weird and kinky. I like this because I am a bit weird and kinky. And they have a bathtub in the room from where you can watch BBC News!

Sabara Angkor Resort – a room with a pool! And the best value hotel deal in Siem Reap, in spite of Covid!

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