Phnom Penh Yacht Club

Booking a hotel is often pot luck and so we ended up at Poolside Villa in Phnom Penh. The hotel was a bit naff, but in fairness really cheap too.

But, it is all about location and we were thrown onto a street filled with a ton of great eating and drinking options.

On walking past Phnom Penh yacht club we were presented with a sign that said “oysters Thursday”. It was Thursday and we like oysters.

Phnom Penh yacht club is nowhere near the water, but it did have the kind of wanky expat clientele you expect from a yacht club. Hipster central. But today was about the food…

Oysters at Phnom Penh Yacht Club

I’ve written about street food oysters, but this was to be fine dining! They cane out at a dollar an oyster, expensive by local standards, but cheap. General Nic Somg-Dok is an oyster purist, but I embraced onion, Tabasco and lime with mine. I also introduced the general to an oyster shot.

The Oyster Shot!

Oyster shot Phnom Penh Yacht Club

Take a shot of Absolut Pepper, add tobacco, lime, and salt, drop in an oyster. You then down it in one. Trust me on this one it’s amazing.

Beers were also of a high standard with them having 4 craft beers on tap. I’m also a purest so went for the lager.

Phnom Penh yacht club, come for the oysters, leave for the clientele..


Tried to go back on day 2 for a few beers, only to be told by the surly owner that it wouldn’t be open for 20 minutes (it was 16.41). A shame as we wanted a few beers and some oysters. We won’t be going back…

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