Best All You Can Eat Wings in Phnom Penh – Ruby’s Street 123

Best all you can eat wings in Phnom Penh? Ruby’s on Street 123 who offer a number of flavors and all you can eat for $8! Easy answer.

Why is it the best all you can eat wings joint in the capital? No worries we will get to that.

I’ll try not to be too long-winded, but there was an amount of fate that led be to Ruby’s Sports Bar later than I would have liked. A mutual friend had begun working here and said about how great the wings were, therefore on an uneventful Friday night I decided to go check for myself.

What’s the Ruby’s Story

Located in TTP next to Brooklyn’s Pizza (the two have the same owners) it is basically a snug little Aussie style sports bar. They’ve a few screens, a proper pub menu and stay open until 2 am, OR whenever the big match of the time finishes.

I really wish I had found out this place during the Euro 2020 finals, but alas I was to end up at Score Bar whilst watching in Phnom Penh, a double tragedy when I was to learn about their great drinks deal, which we will get to later.

I’d say though that with here and the Big Easy reopening there are now a few decent options once the football season starts again.

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Anyway enough about sports, lets talk about the best chicken wings in Phnom Penh

Best all you can eat wings in Phnom Penh

I’m not usually into the whole all you can eat thing, but ironically I was to hit up the all you can eat at Ruby’s a night after being at Bar 21 for the all you can eat steak, which itself was another great success.

With most all you can eat wing joints in Phnom Penh you get stingy portions and a lack of flavorsome options. Not so at Ruby’s, where your wing choices range from the standard buffalo and BBQ to garlic parmesan and even a Khmer version with some salt and lime.

I’m not gonna lie I managed 3 plates, one garlic parmesan, one BBQ and one buffalo. I often find wings get overdone in these kind of settings, but the wings were cooked perfectly at medium and the flavors truly amazing. The buffalo and BBQ were predictably messy, but the garlic parmesan was probably the best variation on the whole wing thing I have yet to try.

And what made it even better was that far from being Nazi’s about taking a few wings home, they are chill about it, so long a you do not go overboard and take advantage. I like this way of thinking.

But there were to be another facet that would seal the deal when it comes to the best all you can eat chicken wings in Phnom Penh – the drinks, but again I will get to that later.

The Ruby’s Menu

The rest of the menu is also solid, with Aussie Big Burgers that I will definitely have to try, as well as wraps and the like. We tried one of the wraps and It went down a treat.

They are also attached to Brooklyn’s Pizza, which means you can order a big old pie should you so desire.

The best all you can drink craft beer in Phnom Penh?

Good craft beer tends not to be cheap in Phnom Penh. If you head to places like Embargo you will pay $5 for a hard lemonade without the treat of AC. At Ruby’s they have an all you can drink set for $15, which includes 4 draft craft beers (Fuzzy Logic Hard Lemonade being one them), as well as wide array of bottles too, even Corona….

If you’ve been doing the math that means for $23 plus tip you can literally eat and drink as much as you want at Ruby’s – yes we have moved to batshit crazy territory! I do not think, nor have I found a better all you can eat and drink combo in Phnom Penh, well not yet anyway.

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Where oh where can I find the best all you can eat wings in Phnom Penh?

Ruby’s is on Street 123 in the TTP area of Phnom Penh, which means it is slap bang in the centre of the action. If you’re still up for partying there are plenty of options within walking distance.

Do they have a website? Not yet – but you can check out their Facebook page here .

Overall I take my best of the best articles seriously and Ruby’s seriously have the best all you can eat wings in Phnom Penh.

Street Food Guy out……

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