5 Best sunsets in Kampot

Best sunsets in Kampot? There are a lot of places on the tourist trail in Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap (Ankor Wat), and all those lovely beaches, and islands. There’s also a quiet riverside town that whilst well known on the banana pancake trail, is still a little off the beaten track, and that is Kampot.

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The place has a very interesting history, which includes ghosts, old colonial buildings and amzingly as one of the last holdouts of the Khmer Rouge.

Where is Kampot?

Kampot is located in the south of Cambodia near Sihanoukville, and close enough to Thailand, and some of the more popular islands such as Koh Rong.

Kampot is most famous for Kampot pepper, something that whilst I am yet to try shall surely get its very own blog piece at some point.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, Kampot! Kampot, as stated, is a small place with a beautiful riverside, which is where all the bars, restaurants, and hotels are located, as well as numerous rather good street food options (Kampot street food shall be getting its own blog).

It is like anywhere else you have lived?

It is quite a stoner town, in some ways like a good version of Yangshuo, and has a lot of expats here not really doing all that much. Relaxed isn’t the word. It is definitely one of those places I prefer to visit than live. A bit too stonverville and incestuous for my tastes. But it is a great place to visit.

5 Best sunsets in Kampot?

I said I’d get there right? And not just get there, but I shall give multiple choices for enjoying the best sunset n Kampot, so there! Here’s our 5 Best sunsets in Kampot, in no particular order.

Rikitikitavi Bar

Located slap bang on the river and within a few minutes walk to town. Perfectly located for the sunset, They have a nightly happy hour that is 2 for 1 on cocktails. Two Moscow Mules for $4.50. Not the cheapest in Kampot, but great quality and wonderful view.

best sunsets in Kampot

The Fishmarket

One of the most famous places for a sunset, it is a former fish market that is now an upscale restaurant. Would you guess, but they have great seafood? Tables strategically placed to witness a perfect sunset.

The Riverside

One of the best ways to see the sunset does not cost a thing! Just walk down by the riverside at a slow pace and enjoy nature taking its course. There is a ton of great street food and cheap beers too!

best 5 sunsets in Kampot

Bokor Hill

A lot of locals will tell you not to bother visiting Bokor Hill. This is snobbery! If you like Urbex and great views you will love it here. It can be cloudy sometimes, but if you aew lucky then this one of the best sunsets around.

Bokar Hil Station - best sunsets in Kampot

Take a boat trip!

You can arrange a sunset cruise from most of the hotels and indeed Tuk-Tuk Drivers of Kampot. When the boat goes under the bridges you literally have to duck! A great authentic way to enjoy the best sunset in Kampot!

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And those are our top 5 Best sunsets in Kampot. Aside from sunsets there is an amazing culinary scene, lots of bars and a lot of stuff to do in Kampot. I would not wnat to live in Kampot personally, but to visit for a few days at a time is well worth it.

Sadly I did not get to Kep yet, but it is very much on the to do list!

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