Getting from Yangshuo Station to Yangshuo

getting to yangshuo

Yangshuo might be slightly past it’s prime, but it’s still pretty, and Bad Panda Bar is here.

There are lots of trains from Guangzhou to Yangshuo that take just over 3 hours.

Guangzhou to Yangshuo train
Guangzhou to Yangshuo train

On arrival in Yangshuo you will notice right away the amazing views.

Yangshuo railway station
Amazing view from Yangshuo Railway Station

On departing your train you will spot many Spivs that know one word of English,”taxi”. Yangshuo taxi drivers are notoriously the worst people in China. Do not engage. I repeat do not engage.

Yangshuo Railway station ticket office
Ticket office at Yangshuo Railway Station

There’s actually a shuttle bus that’s costs 20 RMB or 3$ in real money. It is located to the left on your way out. The bus to Yangers is regular and rubs whenever there are trains. Obviously having the bus arrive on West Street would be too easy, so the bus stops in the arse end of nowhere. Usually necessitating a taxi, or a motorbike taxi!

Motorbike taxi in Yangshuo

Whatever a motorbike taxi asks you to pay, the correct price is 10 RMB to anywhere in town. And that’s the skinny on getting from the railway station in Yangshuo to Yangshuo Town.

Written by Gareth

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