Epic Images of Street Food

I discussed in my previous blog about what it takes to make an epic image and did a subsequent blog on epic images. My main problem with the said blog was that as the Street Food Guy the epic images blog was a bit lacking in images of street food.

So, here are the epic images follow-up, 12 epic images of street food, brought to you by the Street Food Guy.

I’ll start with Qofte a staple of Albanian Cuisine each bad boy costs a mere 30 cents!

A chip butty on the Isle of Sheppey. Sheppey might be a shit hole but a chip butty is a chip butty.

Sisig is a great Filipino staple and probably my favourite resto-bar meal.

I eat this almost every night in Shenzhen. You cannot beat mala tang.

North Korean whiskey isn’t exactly street food, but holy shit did it go viral. No comment if it’s good or not.

Hue in Vietnam has amazing street food. What I love about this is the array of colours.

Macao street food has ​​Michelin stars. This is my favourite food on the planet. Mozzarella fish balls.

 street food

This is a Chinese breakfast bonanza. Egg sausage, vegetables all wrapped up.

From the Philippines – kinilaw which is a form of ceviche.

Burrito type thing in Batac home of the Marcos clan on our Extreme Philippines tour.

And last but not the least is the Chinese version of sashimi served on the street of Nauru. Probably the best tuna I have ever tasted.

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