Savo Island and weird eggs

I’d previously only known Savo as being a great Serbian genocidal name, but apparently it is also the name of a great island near Honiara, the genuine capital city of Solomon Islands. As we were now having not one, but two full days in the country we decided to give it a crack.

Savo Island is about 45 minutes from Honiara and the yacht club if your boats aren’t overloaded (this will be an important point later).

The journey there was relatively calm and issue-free, with our first point of call being a small village where they harvest the eggs of the megapode bird. The megapode might sound like a transformer, but in fact, it’s a flying chicken type bird that buries its eggs in the sand. More on that later.

The village itself was absolutely baller! Very traditional, very friendly, and full of weird freaky fruits! We had an avocado type thing, something resembling a chestnut, coconuts, and some juicy fruits. I was genuinely in fruit heaven!

We then moved on to the hometown of our guide and boat driver, where we would have lunch, inclusive of the megapode eggs that had purchased.

The megapode egg is big and over 50 percent yoke. I opted for semi-cooked as a first try, and it was perfect, and quite gamey, which I’m all about. The BBQ itself was also excellent, as was the sea, the village and the day itself. If you’re at a loss for stuff to do in Honiara, the Island is well worth the journey.

Alas, one of our boats died, meaning our journey back was somewhat cramped and lasted an hour and a half…

But hey, nothing good comes easy. Thumbs up Savo Island.

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