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Pig penis, snake and bad fried Chicken

pig penis Soup
pig penis Soup

Looking back on when I had pig penis in Yongzhou I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you have not heard of city Yongzhou in China. This does not mean you are bad at geography, there really are few reasons to know here, less so go here. Yet go there I did.

I am though not your average camper and whilst living in Yangshuo got offered the chance to go to Yongzhou. I have a thing for exploring rubbish Chinese cities. Now this is for many reasons, but one of which is cheap hotels. The second point is that I like trying weird food. Little did I know there would be a pig penis in my mouth before the end of the weekend.

Getting to Yongzhou

Getting to Yongzhou takes an hour from Guilin. Guilin is an important tourist town in China. Yongzhou is not. The journey taking an hour relies on you taking the fast train, rather than the slower one.

What else do you need to know about Yongzhou? Oh it is quite near where Chairman Mao was born.

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What is there to do in Yongzhou?

Quite unsurprisingly there is not very much to do un Yongzhou. On our first night we went “exploring”. The town looked like it was still being built and a bit like there had been a zombie apocalypse .

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We massively failed at finding food, ending up at Wallace Fried Chicken (link). Not heard of them? Believe me there is a very good reason for that.

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Eating Pig Penis

On ight two we decided to kick it up a gear. The secret in any small Chinese town, or indeed any town is local knowledge. We found some locals to take us out. As is path of the course in China this led us to street BBQ and beers.

What we were to learn though was that tonight we would receive a treat. Pig penis and snake!

What does pig penis taste like?

As is the fashion of the cusine of Yongzhou and this part of China it had a hell of a lot of “la”, or spice. What we ended up being presented with was arther tough meat, almost like offal that was very chewy. Definitely pork, but not exactly like pork meat. And that was pig penis.

pig penis

And the Yongzhou snake

As opposed to pig snake! See what I did there? The snake tasted lie halfway between fish and meat. That very unique snake/toad flavour you cant quite put your finger on. For good, or bad it had been drenched in spice and was almost too hot to handle. Not an awful dish, neither were that bad, but I am not exactly hankering for pig penis and snake right now.

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Seeing the snake before they cooked it and indeed watching it be killed did definitely did not aid the taste.

Do they eat pig penis in other parts of the world?

This got me thinking about things, does anywhere else consider pig penis food? It turns out that it is mostly just eaten in China. Fun fact I once tried a sheep testicle in Dandong. It wasn’t nice.

Why do people eat the penis of the pig?

Would you guess it, bu it is “good for the man”. Pretty much if there is weird food or some endangered species getting killed then you can guarantee they think it helps with erections. I for one cannot say if it worked on me, or not.


Pig Penis in Yongzhou

Yongzhou pig penis, who knew?

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