Where can I watch the Euro final in Cambodia?

Where can I watch the Euro final in Cambodia now a question being asked by many English Italian and indeed neutral fans. Obviously Cambodia is a big place, so you there’s no one sized fits all answer, but we can at least point you in some of the right directions.

Will the Euro 2020 final be on Cambodian TV?

Yes all the games are on Cambodian TV specifically Channel HBNBT, which is actually a Thai TV station – but it ha the matches live.

There are also numerous Khmer sites, as well as Facebook channels streaming the matches if you feel you ned to watch by phone. You can also do this to wath the C-League if that is your thing.

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Where is the best place to watch the Euro final in Phnom Penh?

We have previously written about this, but the best place to watch England vs Italy in Phnom Penh is at score bar. Multiple screens, decently priced beer and most importantly great atmosphere. Expect Score Bar to be dominated by England fans this Sunday.

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The best place for an Italian ro watch the mach would probably be at some Italian joint, with other Italians. There are plenty to choose from in Phnom Penh. Remember there is no lockdown here, so the choice is yours.

Cheers Bar if open would also be a good choice, which is opposite Olala – again if it is open.

Where an I watch the Euro final in Siem Reap?

Siem Reap is on a 10 pm lockdown, as well as an alcohol ban, so technically at least there are no places offering it. This means the best place would probably be at home.

If things are open then Star Bar is a good choice for sports in Siem Reap. One obvious exception to a curfew is a staycation at a hotel. Look for hotels that show football and consider booking a night if you want to be around your fellow football fans.

Where to watch the football in Sihanoukville?

Sihanoukville is pretty much open as usual now, so you’d expect most bars to have the England Italy game on. Paradise Sports Bar is probably the most well-known of joints and has a big screen.

Watching the Euros on Koh Rong

Football doesn’t tend to be on most peoples priority when it comes to Koh Rong, but Treehouse Bungalows is the best hotel in Koh Toch and will probably put something together for the final.

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Where can I watch the Euro final in Cambodia?

We’re gonna delve deep into best places to watch football in Koh Kong and the like – although we have seen a live match there in the Hun Sen Cup, but for Koh Kong , Anlong Veng and even Koh Trong – if you are stuck ask around, or find a bar with a  TV and plead with them to show the match.

Let’s see if England win it….

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